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Is There Really A Difference?
aka “The Boat”

Have we achieved diversity? Does discrimination still exist? In this participant-centered, interactive workshop, we will use a boat, index cards, and masking tape... it's about them and it's about us. Come take the plunge and learn how misunderstanding "diversity" divides our multiracial, multi-gender, and seemingly disparate communities. We will look at discrimination outside ourselves and within our communities. Leave your guilt and fear at the door. This workshop is about developing practical responses to difficult situations.


Identity Crisis? Or an Issue of Power and Privilege?

What is identity? Is identity important? using colored dots, an 8-foot Identity Chart, participants will introspectively map out what is important, unsafe, safe, and powerful for themselves in order to better understand issues of power and privilege... "label" vs. descriptions... how does our own perception of self impact the ways in which we work, address issues of cultural competence, and grow our abilities and skills in examining and challenging identity destruction and individual, community, and social dis-empowerment.


Does Skin Color Really Matter?

Do you treat people according to the color or shade of their skin? In these times when increased diversity would suggest that interracial dating, trans-racial adoptions, and multiracial families are more accepted, what impact does the media's promotion of beauty standards have on how we feel about our own and others' skin color. This audience -driven workshop promises to explore how we "see" skin color and how our experiences, past and present, inform a more challenging and layered understanding of what racism and skin color have to do with dividing or building community.


The Class Closet: Being Out About Race and Class

The "class" closet - why is class background never really discussed? What is the relationship between race and class? Come join us in opening the last closet door... let's bring "class" back into the classroom. In this interactive workshop, a color line and class disclosure will provide a unique opportunity to understand ourselves and the impact of class and race on our work in People of Color, White, and multiracial communities.


For Straights ONLY... and Anyone Who Ever Thought They Were!

An introspective, challenging, and engaging safe space where earliest memories, fears and apprehensions, and self-initiated disclosure will form the medium from which we will explore the root causes of homophobia and heterosexism and the all-too-often failure to recognize their interconnection to sexism and misogyny.


The Underpinnings of Sexism and Misogyny

If gender becomes genetic, sexism/misogyny become a natural course for the old adage that "boys will be boys."

Are sex and gender the same? How many sexes are there? The social construct of gender and rigid sex-role expectations create unsafe spaces for transgendered and intersex communities.


Racism Throughout History

Using a quote, a slideshow, and a 10-foot multiracial history timeline, we will examine the origins of the "model minority" myth; explore the 160-year history of racism against Asians in the U.S.; see how racist media depictions of Black People (through political cartoons) were used to discredit and justify the exclusions of Asians from the U.S.; and better understand the ways Asians have been used to undermine other People of Color communities and movements for social change. In addition, the use of multiracial history timeline will reveal the interconnections of Native American, African American, Latino/a, Asian/Pacific Islander and Women's herstories/histories to more clearly substantiate the "changing face of racism" over the past 500 years in the United States and world-wide.