Project Reach needs your support - please see GoFundMe for more info!


How does an amazingly unique, ground-breaking, radical, outside-of-the-box grassroots organization continue to thrive? Only with the contributions of stupendous individuals like yourself! These are some ways to support young people right now:

$15 pays for the DVD rental of one month's worth of weekly film screenings and discussion;

$29 buys a weekly metrocard for one of our young people;

$50 buys snacks for a month's worth of our project groups;

$250 buys art supplies for youth initiated campaigns and projects, such as Give Back the Night, Pride March, or LGBT Lunar New Year for All;

$500 Maintains our food pantry for two months;

$1000 allows for one young person to intern in out 7-week Social Justice Training Institute;

$4000 provides money for a bus to transport 35-50 LGBT youth to attend a 3-day retreat;

$10,000 supports 50 young people attending our 5-day out-of-the-city Summit;


Our Anti-Discrimination Clinic and Anti-Discrimination Training Series engage participants in a comprehensive examination of race, class, and gender. Designed by the young people at Project Reach, these trainings challenge participants to question existing norms and values, as well as develop their abilities to create and institutionalize anti-discriminatory policies and practices. Trainings are available to young people as well as adults, educators, and service providers.


Young people are integral to the core mission and direction of Project Reach. Aside from simply attending our trainings, going on our retreats, or taking part in our groups, our youth staff are responsible for what kind of programming happens in our organization. If you or a young person you know would like to be involved with Project Reach, drop us a line or come by our space any weekday from 10am-8pm. Check out our Calendar page for a list of upcoming events.


As a means of addressing the issues of gender inequality that effects us on an interpersonal level, we have a regularly scheduled young Womyn's Group and a Young Men's Group. Check out our Programs or drop us a line to find out more!


We currently have no paid job openings for adults, but you are welcome to send us your resume. Check back soon!