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What:  A 12-hour, 2-day, interactive, participant-centered, anti-discrimination training for communities and schools facing bullying/identity destruction, inter-group conflict, and community disempowerment but who are committed to ending discrimination and injustice and to institutionalizing substantive and sustainable culture change.  Training will be limited to 40 attendees reflecting the geographic and racial diversity of New York City.
When: Thursday and Friday, February 14th and February 15th, 8:30am – 4:30pm.
Who:  Principals, teachers, guidance counselors; Executive Directors, service providers, social workers, after-school staff; Parents and guardians of schools and community-based organizations in all 5 boroughs. 
Requirements: Attendance at both all-day sessions.          Registration Deadline: Mon, Feb 11, 2019
Registration Link:
Where:  Steelcase WorkLife Center, 4 Columbus Circle (corner of W. 58th St/8th Ave), NYC 10019
Trainers:  Don Kao and Katherine Chambers – With over 40 years of training experience collectively, Project Reach’s training team has worked with educational, professional, community-based, and activist communities in New York City and nationally providing crisis intervention, program/organizational development, and technical assistance services.

For more information, please email or
or Call Don - (917) 749-6116

More helpful information:

  1. General Description (.DOCX)
  2. Flyer (.DOCX)