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Dear OUTRIGHT Consortium Partners, Family and Friends, 
On Thursday, April 17thplease come join us for our 
City-wide LGBTQ Youth Dialogue and Dinner in Staten Island!

with the theme:

Youth and Elder Dialogue - Ageism Across the Generations


Within our many of our LGBTQ communities, ageism and adultism continue to become additional barriers and hurdles that our young people and elders/seniors must face -  often within our own communities.  Being "too young" or "too old" has created invisibility and isolation for both LGBTQ youth and elders and seldom do they get opportunities to grow and learn from one another.
For the many immigrant, undocumented and in-the-closet LGBTQ youth, the struggle of coming out or finding safe spaces are compounded by a mainstream LGBTQ community which is often unaware of their existence.  For LGBTQ elders and seniors for whom growing old may have included many more years of being in the closet, the prospects of finding care and support are incredibly limited.  These are only some of the many challenges our youth and elder communities face.
Our Staten Island city-wide LGBTQ Youth and Elder Dialogue and Dinner seeks to bring to light the many stories of LGBTQ young people and elders in a space where raising awareness, learning from one another and building community challenge the ageism and adultism that have divided our communities.
We welcome you to join us for an evening of food and inter-generational community-building!