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""[At Social Justice Boot Camp] I had a moment to reevaluate myself in a safe environment. Sometimes when you reevaluate yourself you end up fucking yourself over, but here I could do that without facing judgement." "
-Patricia Persaud, Social Justice Boot Camp Participant 2012
"My mindset around masculinity and dealing with young men has changed. My language has changed. My ways have changed around ideas that can potentially harm people or affect them in negative ways. "
-Toussaint, Project Reach Staff and Former Youth Participant
"Self empowerment is a concept I otherwise wouldn’t have known about. "
-Brian, Project Reach Youth Staff
"We all love each other, look out for each other. That is what family is all about. Support each other. I know some people feel much closer to us than their blood family because I sure do. "
-Cassey, Project Reach Participant
"I was amazed at the profound impact that the Social Justice Boot Camp had on my students. I was deeply touched by the courage of these students and the overwhelmingly supportive response of the entire Social Justice Boot Camp community. This type of experience could have only happened in a place that was dedicated to openness and understanding of diverse life experiences. Being a part of this collaboration has allowed me to connect with others who believe in creating social change. Prior to joining, I was feeling stifled in my own work because I felt that I was working against a norm of silence and denial that persists in my community. We are free to discuss the taboo issues that no one wants to touch in a meaningful way. "
-Shadia Marji, Staff, Arab American Family Support Center
"We learned so much in these workshops that when we returned to the city, we felt like we had put on a pair of special glasses, which enabled us to view the world in a whole new light…the Social Justice Boot Camp not only enabled us to get away from the city and enjoy a much more peaceful environment, but it made our brains stronger, our eyes open wider and our ears clearer. We hope that you too will benefit from an experience that alerts you to what lies behind the fake walls of this world. "
-Nelson Davila, 17 UNITY Peer Educator, Youth Employment Services/ICD